Getting to Know about Ring Guards

ring guardsRing guards are stuffs, which related to ring. Maybe not every people know about it. A ring guard is a thing that you can use to guard or protect your own ring. A ring can be meaningful for some people, like engagement ring, wedding ring or promise ring. If you have a meaningful ring, you will protect it carefully from any scratches that may happen. However, ring guards do not have just one function. Another function of ring guards is to adjust your ring size easily.

You should know that ring size sometimes can change. There is one time that your finger will be smaller and bigger. It usually depends on weather in your place. That is why ring guards are created. Use ring guards can avoid you to resize your ring permanently. If you take a chance to resize your ring permanently, you will be regret when your finger comes back to the right size.

Ring Guards Assortments

ring guards walmartAfter knowing how useful the ring guards are, it is time to get to know about some assortments about them. First type of ring guard is plastic ring guard. Plastic ring guard is coming from plastic material. The appearance of this type of ring guard is transparent look. You can take it on and off when you want it. Next, there are rubber ring guards. These types are made from rubber. You can adjust them personally. To adjust that you just take it on and off just like the plastic ring guard type. How easy it is. People can easy to install and at the same time will easy to lose. In addition, there is a gel ring guard. This type is like toothpaste if you want to know.

To use a gel ring guard, it is as if you spread some glue on your ring. If you choose a gel ring guard as the ring guards’ type, you have to make sure you spread the gel perfectly. Furthermore, another type of ring guard is from metal material. The metal material for ring guards is white or yellow gold just like the ring material. The metal choice in a ring guard will not feel too different. You can choose which one material of them that you will like.

Sizing Metal Ring Guards

This is one of material in a ring guard, metal material. If you want to know how to size it as your own, keep on reading. A metal ring guard has three kinds of type, small, medium and large. Small is for children ring, medium is for men and women ring, and large is for wide men ring. After getting a right type, put the ring guard on your ring. Place it at the bottom inside of your ring. The position should be facing down for small arms, and then it should be reaching on the bottom outside of your ring. Then, press it with your thumb and your forefinger. Let it bend into the circle shape of your ring. After that, press it using pliers. That step will help you to check if it has wrapped correctly to the ring or not. Then, if you want to make your ring smaller, you just have to push the ring guard up and to make it bigger push the ring guard down. It is easy enough to install metal ring guards.


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